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Five Facts About Me...

  • Disney enthusiast

  • Harry Potter fan

  • True crime buff

  • Theatre junkie 

  • Animal lover

All About Me

Hi there! My name is Hailey Pruden and I’m the founder and owner of Hailey M. Makeup.
I’m a Julia Dantas Beauty Academy certified makeup artist and hairstylist.

My mission is to provide a stress-free makeup experience for
people of all ages, skin tones, and gender. To teach and nurture the
creative skills and techniques needed for each client to feel
confident in themselves and their abilities. I have
10+ years of experience in the beauty industry and love sharing it
with others! From being a Beauty Expert at Shoppers Drug Mart to
being involved with theatre and dance productions, I have a wide
variety of skills.

Here at Hailey M. Makeup, we value equality and communication
above all else. We want to build a genuine relationship with each
client that we work with. Making clients feel supported while
having their concerns heard and actively dealt with is a huge
motivator for our work.

The most exciting part of being a makeup artist is seeing the look on clients' faces once their makeup is finished. Makeup should only enhance your natural beauty, not mask it! 
We can't wait to help you on your makeup journey!

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